Window Treatments For Bay Windows

Written by Amy Hall
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Window treatments for bay windows don't have to be as tricky as you may think they are. In fact, you can often get custom window treatments made for your specific bay window, as it may be irregular in size. But, that does not mean that the irregular size will prevent you from installing some beautiful window treatments that flatter the window and enhance the decor of the whole room.

Before you do anything, take the measurements of your bay window. Once you know the length, width, and depth, you can begin your search for window treatments for bay windows that will match both your style and your needs. For instance, bay windows are most often found in living or dining rooms, which can get a lot of light. You may want to consider getting some sort of window shades that allow you to control the amount of sunlight that seeps in, thus protecting your furniture from fading.

Unique Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Another point to consider is how much privacy you want. If you live in a high-traffic area, and your bay window is located right in the front of the house, you may want to get window treatments that allow you to shut out roaming eyes while still allowing the sunlight in. You can achieve this by installing woven wood shades, or even plantation shutters that can be adjusted for light and privacy.

If privacy is not a huge concern for you, perhaps you might consider installing some curtains made out of natural fabrics that flow. Linen is always an excellent choice, as is velvet or silk. It all depends on what you like, as the choices in window treatments are many.

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