Woven Wood Shades

Written by Amy Hall
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You can enhance the look of any room with woven wood shades. These timeless materials look fabulous in a number of different settings, including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Woven woods offer exceptional coverage, great style, and they allow you to control light and privacy with ease.

Examples of woven woods include: bamboo, natural grasses, reed, and organic wood. These materials are woven together to form the perfect backdrop for any room in your home. Whether you are going for casual elegance or sleek sophistication, woven wood shades are the perfect solution.

The Beauty of Woven Wood Shades

The beauty of woven wood shades lies in their simplicity. They have so much to offer through their natural appeal, rich texture and tones, and they exude warmth and comfort. Truly, any home can benefit from the look of woven wood window treatments. If your rooms need a facelift, now is the time to consider changing it up a bit with some wood shades.

Another perk to using woven wood shades is that they can be pretty easily cleaned. Simply use a dust mitt over them from time to time, or even a hand-held vacuum would work. For spills, blot with a damp cloth and voila, they are good as new. For a warm and inviting rooms, you might want to introduce woven woods into your home.

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