Attenuator Pad

Written by Kevin Little
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Attenuator pads make life a lot easier for those who deal with networks. After all, the network administrator's job is never done. Even when a network is all set up, there are still many maintenance and upkeep tasks to be done.

Attenuator pads do what all attenuators do; they promote the reduction of the strength of a signal. This process is key to the smooth reception of RF streams. Not only do attenuators decrease the amount or static on RF lines, they also shield equipment from potential damage from powerful transmissions.

These pads are also fantastic tools for testing. Signals are weaker when run through attenuators, so attenuators can mimic the effects of signal loss. Pads can therefore be used to test the effects of weak signals on RF systems. Such tests are great for determining just how much signal amplitude a system needs in order to work in an efficient manner. Though pads are often designed with low power levels in mind, these pads can be connected to broaden the range of useful applications.

Attenuator Pads on the Web

If you are in need of an attenuator pad, try looking over the many product listings and spec sheets found on the Internet. You'll want to have a full understanding of the range of signals that any given attenuator can handle. If you find yourself lost among codes and numbers, simply give a call to an online RF guru for guidance through the equipment jungle.

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