Bias T's

Written by Kevin Little
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Bias T's are used to make cables much more versatile. These devices allow both RF signals and DC currents to share the same line. Such flexibility can save the RF operator money, as less pricey cables can be used to transmit signals with the use of such units.

Using two different signal sources at the same time can be problematic. One obvious difficulty arises when connecting the two signal lines. RF and DC cables use different connectors, and both must be accommodated if one seeks to use these two types of signals.

Bias T's: Using Power Responsibly

The two different signals also come with different power ratings. If one of the signals is too strong, the transmission can be either distorted or terminated altogether. Bias T's regulate the two signals, allowing them to work together in harmony.

If you're unsure about the kinds of Bias T's needed for your RF setup, make sure to speak with a professional before proceeding. Those who have been working with RF systems for a long time can lead you to the correct components for your system. Just as RF systems need help when it comes to effective functioning, so do those who run the systems when it comes to making them work! Don't be afraid to ask for assistance when the operation of your system is at stake.

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