Dc Blocks

Written by Kevin Little
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DC blocks do just what their name would suggest--in a way. These devices are used not to block DC currents entirely, but merely to confine them in order to avoid interference with RF signals. Both RF signals and DC currents are often needed to make an RF transmission a reality, and as such must be made to function simultaneously without affecting one another.

If RF and DC currents are flowing through the same line, precautions must be taken to ensure an accurate transfer of data. These two signals, if left alone, can bother one another, a situation that leads to electrical noise showing up in transmissions. This noise can hinder or even drown out a transmission.

In order to avoid such noise, DC blocks are used to control these two signaling rivals. This device is used to make sure that the DC current remains in its own separate place on the line, creating an environment through which an RF signal can pass with ease. The signals that pass through such well designed lines come through loud and clear.

DC Blocks: Choose the Right Specs

DC blocks are made to cover a variety of RF applications. Different blocks minimize the effects of DC currents to varying extents, depending on the strength of the power source. Make sure to do some research regarding the specifications of any DC block to plan to buy to ensure that its performance matches up to your expectations.

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