Written by Kelly Wand
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Diplexers can be used in a couple of different ways to enhance the flexibility of an antenna-based RF system. These circuits are fairly simple in design, but offer performance options that are hard to achieve without their use. Each circuit is designed around three simple ports for easy operation.

Diplexers can be used for two purposes. These devices can either split or combine RF signals. The unit combines signals by allowing two different input devices to use the same output line. They split signals when connected to a single antenna, the signal from which can then be routed to two different lines. The circuits are designed to treat each output line separately, so that the feed can be transmitted at two different frequencies if necessary.

Diplexers and Duplexers

Diplexers are often confused with duplexers, which have a similar name but are used very differently. Duplexers allow a single RF line to be used to both transmit and receive signals. While useful, a duplexer won't help much if you're looking for a device for splitting or combining antenna signals.

These differences in equipment are important to sort out. There are many parts that go into a working RF system, many of which are difficult to distinguish through names alone. Easily-confused components remind us that research is one of the most essential elements of designing and building an RF system.

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