Manual Attenuators

Written by Kevin Little
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Manual attenuators are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to optical or RF testing. In fact, many doctors do order these products, as they are widely used in the medical field for a variety of purposes. These units turn many different kinds of projects into truly hands-on operations.

The manual nature of these attenuators is a great asset, as it allows for a much wider range of uses. While many attenuators are programmed to provide specific amounts of attenuation, such devices cannot always be adjusted very easily. Manual attenuators provide easy access to many levels of attenuation, as well as the option to change such levels on the fly.

Manual Attenuators: What They Do

Manual attenuators are designed to cut down on the strength of signals. Signal reduction can actually be quite useful, as a lesser signal can often be more easily used than a very powerful one. Valuable equipment can be damaged if a signal comes through in too strong a fashion.

Attenuators are also great for testing other pieces of equipment. When one can easily change the strength of a signal, one can find out how a particular component reacts under many different sets of circumstances. A manual attenuator makes the process of switching between different conditions simple and quick.

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