Power Combiners

Written by Kevin Little
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Power combiners do just what one might expect. These circuits combine different incoming signals into one stream. While there can be technical issues that arise from this process, they can be fairly easily resolved with the use of a good product.

One thing to know about power combiners is that they are actually designed as power dividers. Since the circuit allows current to flow both ways, the item can simply be turned around for use as a combiner. Instead of one signal becoming two, two signals are fused into one.

Problems can quickly arise, though, when dealing with signals of different strengths. Due to the proximity of the inputs, a strong signal in one port can simply overwhelm a weaker signal in the other port, thus rendering the resultant transmission useless. Such a problem can be avoided with the use of a circuit that features strong isolation properties in both ports.

Power Combiners and Isolation

Isolation is very import factor to deal with when using power combiners. Well-isolated signals will be able to work with one another to produce a combined signal. It's imperative to make sure to know the specifications of any power combiner you wish to use. Poorly constructed devices will put an end to a project of combining signals very rapidly. If you're looking to purchase a power combiner, make sure you understand the relevant facts associated with the product.

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