Power Dividers

Written by Kevin Little
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Power dividers are great for multiplying the range of a given signal. These devices are fairly simple, with the most basic ones appearing in the familiar "T" construction. Three ports make up the "T," one of them used for inputting a signal, the other two for distributing the signal to two different lines.

Power dividers are quite versatile; in fact, they can also be used as power combiners, simply by inputting different wires. They can be employed for multiple applications due to the fact that a signal can flow either way through the circuit. This open-ended design, however, can lead to reflection.

Reflection can be fairly easily avoided when precautions are taken to isolate the ports. Many amateur RF users make their own power dividers, but such ingenuity comes at a cost. Not everyone knows how to properly design a circuit that fends off reflection. Home versions of this device can be rather hit-or-miss when it comes to functionality.

Properly Made Power Dividers

When searching for the best power divider for your system, seek out a manufacturer with a proven track record of success in the RF industry. While it can feel great to build one's own devices, sometimes the particulars of RF construction are best left to those who have completed such tasks many times over the years. When dealing with an online distributor, be sure to call or email a member of the support staff. They can help you to find the right product, no matter where it lurks in the RF-equipment haystack.

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