Rotary Attenuators

Written by Kevin Little
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Rotary attenuators take one back to the days of old-fashioned phones. Such associations can be deceiving, as these attenuators are used today in a number of very high-tech ways. The performance and flexibility of a rotary attenuator really sets it apart from other devices.

Rotary attenuators are designed to offer different levels of attenuation at different times. Often configured with 12 or 24 different settings, these attenuators make changing attenuation levels as easy as dialing a phone. Move the setting to the desired impedance, and let the device make all of the adjustments for you.

Rotary attenuators are often used to unearth information about other RF units. One can easily determine exactly how much signal strength is needed for a given task by experimenting with different attenuation settings. Musicians also use the devices to reduce the sound generated by powerful amplifiers, allowing such amps to be used for quiet practice or in small rooms.

Finding Out More about Rotary Attenuators

Attenuators are used for many different purposes, and as a result there are many products among which one must choose. Looking at a list of all the available attenuators and their performance specifications can cross one's wires in a flash. Make sure to contact a knowledgeable RF pro when attempting to find the attenuator that best suits your individual needs.

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