Sma Attenuators

Written by Kelly Wand
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SMA attenuators highlight the importance of choosing the proper equipment. SMA jacks are specifically designed for certain components and connections. If you try to insert another type of connector into an SMA attenuator, you'll soon see why it's key to know the specs of the products you buy.

There are all sorts of specs for all sorts of components. When looking at SMA attenuators, you'll need to know the range of attenuation levels and signal-loss shielding properties for each product you consider. Looking up these numbers is an essential step along the way to a functional system.

Of course, those numbers don't make sense all by themselves. You need to provide a context for such figures by determining just what it is your system needs. How much insertion loss can your system handle while still processing signals? What levels of attenuation are needed? How well does your system currently deal with the problems of reflection and crosstalk?

SMA Attenuators: Answers

Oddly enough, SMA attenuators can be used to answer many of the above questions. Attenuators are great testing devices, as they can simulate signal loss and other stream characteristics. Attenuator kits are particularly useful when testing a system, as these units can be quickly moved around in order to test a number of different devices in a short period of time.

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