Test Systems

Written by Kelly Wand
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Test systems are among the most important components in the RF development industry. In fact, these systems often seem to be as technologically advanced as the devices that they test! A lot of time, effort and tech savvy goes into designing any one RF test system.

Why are test systems so important? Well, they allow developers to see just where they are in the process of coming up with a new product. They also allow network administrators to monitor the flow of data in and out of their wireless or Ethernet systems. Simply put, they provide information regarding how well a given RF device or system works, information that is very valuable indeed.

These systems must be configured very carefully in order to come up with accurate testing results. It's hard enough to get an RF network working in the first place, given the myriad problems involving signal strength and attenuation. A testing system must not only give accurate readings, but do so in a way that ensures that the operation of a given network or unit is not compromised.

Test Systems Experts

One way to make sure that test systems meet the highest standards of quality is to leave the details to the experts. There are a number of products used today in RF testing, many of which are best used in conjunction with one another. Those who have been working in the RF field for a long period of time will know just how to design a test system that conforms to a given company or developer's specific standards.

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