Variable Attenuators

Written by Kevin Little
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Variable attenuators offer increased options for RF attenuation. Unlike their "fixed" counterparts, variable attenuators can be manipulated to offer different amounts of resistance to RF signals. Such flexibility can be very valuable when one is dealing with a large, complex system.

In order to properly use attenuators, one must understand the process of attenuation. Attenuation involves limiting the strength of an RF signal in order to ensure a proper transmission. Signals are often sent at amplitudes that are higher than a receiver can handle in order to guard against signal loss. Once the signals have been transmitted, the amplitude is reduced by means of an attenuator for accurate processing of the signal.

While fixed attenuators are great when only one specific level of attenuation is needed, variable attenuators can be much more widely used. These products are great for testing, as they can accommodate a number of different attenuation levels. Levels of attenuation can be adjusted by hand, leaving the operator in full control of the project.

Variable Attenuators Online

With so many attenuators out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that best meets your needs. Especially if one is new to RF operations, the sheer number of attenuators in production can be quite overwhelming. Whether you're in the market for a fixed or variable attenuator, make sure to find an online store that offers not only great products, but personalized tech support as well.

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