Binding Machine Accessories

Written by Liza Hartung
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When it comes to making the most out of your binding machines, you will want to invest in binding machine accessories. Some machines will come with a few accessories, but you can no longer bind once you have used those up. Each binding technique will require different accessories.

Kinds of Binding Machine Accessories

Many binding machines will come with a die punch of your choice. However, as you gain the need or desire to have a wider range of choices, you will have to invest in other die punches. You will use these a lot for coil and comb binding. If you want to create different punches, like square, round or rectangle, you will need new dies. Also, if you want less or more punches in your page, you will need new dies.

When it comes to comb binding, you have to have the combs for your binding machine accessories. You can get them in all sorts of colors such as black, white, navy, forest green and brown. Many companies will do specialized colors if need be, but you will have to give them a call. They only offer a certain number of colors over the Internet, but they will be happy to take a special order. With coil binding, you will need coils, cutter and a crimper. The less basic machines will come equipped with a cutter and a crimper.

If you have chosen thermal binding as your preference, then you will have to get the covers. Again, the companies generally offer generic covers over the Internet, but will look into special orders if you give them a call. When involved in Velo binding, the strips are what you will need. You can get them in different lengths with different pin lengths. These color options aren't as varied as with comb and coil, but the technique is more secure. Just make sure you have the proper binding machine accessories so you don't run out right when you most need them.

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