Book Binding Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you have any needs for book binding, you are going to want to invest in book binding machines. Now, some of us just think two ways about book binding. We know that when we walk into a bookstore we see soft bound books and hardback books. However, not many of us think of comb binding or of coil binding as a viable binding option. Well, think again.

Comb binding and coil binding are two of the most inexpensive ways to bind books. They are also extremely fast and easy. With comb binding, one of your book binding machines will punch holes along the edge and a plastic strip with teeth-like projections will be fitted through the holes. That's all there is to it. You are left with a nicely bound document that you can actually modify if you discover you have made a mistake with the pages.

Coil binding works in a very similar way. The document is punched, and then a PVC filament that is in the shape of a spiral is threaded through the holes. You then cut the ends of the coil and crimp them so as not to have them start curling out. This isn't a technique where you can modify your document, but it is very cheap and fast. You can get book binding machines that will allow you to do quite a few at one time.

More Book Binding Machines

If you don't like the whole idea of punching and cutting, you can go with thermal binding. This kind of binding uses hot glue to create an adhesive spine. You slip your document into the cover and then put that in a press. The press heats the cover and thus the glue and your document is sealed. All you have to do then is wait for it to cool. This is a wonderful way to create a professional look.

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