Office Binding Systems

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you have decided that office binding systems are the best purchase for your office, you are going to need to consider a few things. The style of binding that you would like along with the volume of binding you are going to be doing are two of the most necessary things to know. You don't want to make your binding purchase blindly only to discover that you have no use for that particular kind of binding and it is way too slow for what you need.

If you are doing your binding for something like a staff meeting here and there, you probably won't need the most professional looking binding. In this case, I would suggest looking at comb binding or coil binding. Both are durable, fast and cheap. Comb binding is great for reports, surveys, sales presentations and other such documents. It also lies flat when you open the pages.

Coil binding is what we all used to see on our school notebooks. Your document is punched and then a thin, PVC filament in the shape of a spring is threaded through the holes. You can have your finished product in mere seconds. It opens fully and lays flat. As with many office binding systems, you can find one that allows for quick and easy die replacement.

Office Binding Systems for Greater Ease

You need to know the kind of volume you will be doing with your binding, both with how many documents you will be binding and how thick they are. Some office binding systems can only do 20 pages at a time, while others can do 200 or more. In the same vein, some systems will allow you to produce one bound document at a time, while another one will spit out 200 one-inch books in an hour. Find what works best with your office.

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