Plastic Comb Binding Systems

Written by Liza Hartung
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Plastic comb binding systems come in varying degrees of manual and electric. The higher up you go in the efficient scale, the higher up you will go in price. You get what you pay for when it comes to these machines. The lower priced ones are great for home use or if you only bind things once in a while. They are generally all-manual and only punch a low number of pages at a time.

When you want to go up the scale, however, you can get some very efficient plastic comb binding systems. Some will even do multiple binding techniques such as coil binding and double loop wire. This is a great option to have if you do a lot of binding. These more expensive ones can punch up to 425 sheets at a time. Many of them also come with a number of interchangeable die options.

Why Use Plastic Comb Binding Systems?

Comb binding is perhaps the most popular form of binding available, possibly because it is also one of the least expensive. For other plus points, comb binding is fast, efficient, durable and re-useable. It is very easy to modify documents as well. Let's say you forgot to add a page, or you need to make some very important changes in some places. Well, you don't have to create a new book. You can change pages easily.

You have many creative options with plastic comb binding systems. There are many colors that can add live and flavor to your documents. Also, you can add imprinting on the side, such as your company logo. You can choose the size of your binding as well as the shape--narrow back, wide back, oval or locks. Comb binding is a wonderful binding option.

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