Spiral Binding Systems

Written by Liza Hartung
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It is a good idea to look into spiral binding systems when you find that you are making many trips to copy places to bind your documents. Having a system of your own will save you money, time and you will have a greater amount of creative control. It's no fun to drop off an order at a copy place only to pick it up and discover that they have made a mistake, or worse, it won't be ready until after your deadline.

By owning spiral binding systems, you can avoid these hassles. Plus, you won't have to get your car and drive anywhere, so you will have more time to get things done. We all know spiral binding because we all had notebooks in school that were bound this way. Don't think of the wire ones, I'm talking about the colors of plastic. Speaking of colors, you will have quite an array to choose from with your binding system. You can use company or school colors. Get creative.

Spiral Binding Systems for Presentation-Quality Documents

Spiral binding is done by first punching holes along the edge of your document. Then, a PVC filament in the shape of a spring is wound through the holes. Finally, the filament is cut and crimped so as not to un-spiral out of the book. This is a very inexpensive and fast way to bind your documents. Your resulting book will lay flat when open or closed--good for hands-free reading.

Some of the best spiral binding systems do most of the work for you. You can adjust the coil size merely by rolling a bar. With a simple push of a button, the machine will punch through a thick stack of papers. When your document has been threaded, the machine will cut and crimp so you don't have to. This is, of course, with the more expensive machines. The cheaper ones are generally manual. They get the job done fine if you don't have a heavy load of binding to get through. Use the machine that is most appropriate for your work load.

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