Wire Binding Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Wire binding machines are great for quick and easy binding. The results are presentation-grade and can be used for many things. To help give you a visual, think of wire-bound notebooks like you used in school and probably have somewhere in your home. That's what wire binding is. You can bind notebooks, reports, books, presentations, calendars, cookbooks or whatever you like with wire binding.

The most popular form of wire binding is double loop. Double loop is exactly what it sounds like. There are two loops of wire through each punched hole for added security. The holes punched in your document are either round or square, depending on what you want. You will also have your choice of color with wire binding. There is a very nice selection for you to choose from.

Style of Wire Binding Machines

Wire binding machines are not difficult to use. The two main functions that your wire machine must have are that it punched and then closes the wire so it does not slip out. One great aspect of having your document bound with wire is that your document will lie flat whether it is open, closed or wrapped around. This makes for easy hands-free reading.

When it comes to actually purchasing wire binding machines, you want to make sure you have done all your research. Know that what you are buying is up to the needs of your office or home. You can get a machine that does more if you like, but if you buy a machine that does less you will be sorely disappointed.

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