Ball Fittings

Written by Krystin Spellman
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The right end fitting can really make the difference on your stairwell railing, marking the entry way to your steps. Ball caps have been a traditional favorite, but have begun to evolve from the classic spherical shape. Ball cap fittings are now available in a large variety of materials and styles, giving you a lot to choose from when completing your railing.

Ball Fitting Styles

Decorative ball fittings come in a larger variety of styles than what was available in the past. This lets individuals really personalize their stair railings in a simple and elegant manner. Ball fittings are available in every material imaginable, allowing you to match your existing railing materials, or stray away from tradition by selecting a ball fitting that will really stand out.

Brass ball fittings are available in an extensive array of finish selections, letting you change the look of traditional brass to that of bronze or pewter. Because ball fittings are a decorative element, consider selecting items made of solid brass in order to take advantage of the finer material. Brass ball fittings look great against darker woods as well, allowing you to mix and match materials for a more dynamic railing system.

Stainless steel fittings are also extremely popular and blend in well with silvery railing accents. Stainless steel ball fittings can be polished to a chrome-like finish, creating a pleasingly simple effect. Stainless steel is the strongest hardware material on the market today, making it a good investment for railings fittings that last. Stainless steel can easily be combined with other materials, allowing individuals to take advantage of sturdy connection points and promote clean lines in their design.

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