Booth Dividers

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Booth dividers are an excellent way to instill privacy in a busy restaurant atmosphere, giving friends and families a better dining experience. With a large selection of dividers to choose from, material and style options are essentially unlimited. Partitions can be simple and unobtrusive, or ornate and decadent. Whichever style you choose, your clientele will be sure to appreciate the added anonymity.

Choosing the Right Partition

One important thing to think about when selecting a divider is whether you want a partition that offers visibility, or one that is completely opaque. Stained glass offers a vibrant option, and when clear glass is included in the design, your wait staff will be awarded a better view of your customers. For establishments with a cozier atmosphere, consider an etched glass or paper partition, giving your customers a feeling of intimacy and inclusion.

Another choice to consider is what type of posts you would prefer to frame your dividers. Metal and wood structures are available with a variety of mounting bracket options to ensure a secure attachment. Lightweight partitions are easily supported by wood poles and drilled attachments. Additional metal brackets should be used at the base of heavier partitions if necessary.

Because heavier partitions require a greater deal of support, strong metals are required for glass partitions, making brass and steel ideal choices. Brass flanges and brackets will keep the poles secure, ensuring the safety of your customers. Additional support may be required for hollow booth structures. In these instances, install an anchor to ensure maximum weight support.

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