Brass Bar Rails

Written by Steven Alexander
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Brass bar railing adds warmth to an otherwise generic bar setting, giving a brilliant glow to dark wood. The addition of foot railings provide bar seating added comfort, giving patrons a relaxed place to rest their tired feet. In addition to added comfort, brass railing adds character and class to the bar, giving it a tailored, old-world appeal.

Custom Brass Bar Railing

The addition of brass foot and handrails will give your bar a custom look. With a wide variety of mounting choices available, custom railing can be ordered to perfectly accommodate any bar, regardless of its dimensions. Many bars incorporate handrails, having them encircle the countertop for added shine. Handrails offer patrons a smooth surface to lean on, and with regular polishing, lend a rich look to even the simplest bar structures.

If you are in the market for customized railing, be careful to select the appropriate strength and style of brass tubing that will accommodate your needs. The next step will be to determine whether you would like to use brackets or flanges to attach your railing. Brass foot railings will work well with either choice, but handrails may look best if brackets are used, allowing the rail to hug the bar perimeter.

Last but not least, determine if you would like to use brass end caps, ball fittings, or prefer to select curved railing for you hand and foot rail design. All options offer an attractive solution, but keep in mind that end caps and ball fittings will create a more decorative effect. Whatever look you decide upon, consider the help of a professional installation team to ensure a quality end product.

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