Brass Fixtures

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Brass fixtures are very popular due to their beauty and affordability. Brass is an extremely versatile metal and is widely available in different finish colors, allowing you a number of style choices to select from. Antique fixtures are usually made of brass, illustrating the timeless quality and durability that this material has to offer. Light fixtures, faucet fixtures, and other hardware have traditionally been made of brass because of its strength and its ability to avoid rust.

Lighting and Bathroom Fixtures

Brass light fixtures can be as simple as a bulb base and switch, or as ornate as a multi-pronged chandelier. Most unrestored antique brass fixtures lack the original finish and may have multiple coats of gilt paint covering the piece. When selecting a brass light fixture, try to find one with a lacquer. This will allow the brass fixture to develop the patina that has become very popular for those who are seeking new fixtures with an antique look.

Unlacquered brass is not recommended for fixtures, due to the fact that it can obtain a blotchy finish over time. Dark oxidation marks can develop anywhere the fixture is touched, requiring numerous polishing to restore a clean, shiny look. When selecting a light fixture, consider the other materials used throughout the room, and attempt to match these materials whenever possible

In regards to bathroom fixtures, make sure that the fixtures also possess a heavy lacquer to avoid water damage. Over time, brass can tarnish into a greenish color, which requires a lot of elbow grease to correct. A good finish will help prevent this discoloration and preserve the beautiful brass color of your fixture.

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