Brass Foot Rails

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Quality foot railing does much to add elegance to a bar, giving patrons the opportunity to rest their feet at a comfortable angle. Brass foot rails add both comfort and class, transforming typical bar seating into something more hospitable. With a large variety of brass options available, you can choose to take a decorative or practical approach, either showcasing the beauty of brass, or toning it down to focus on its simple, functional use.

Custom Brass Foot Rails

Brass foot railing adds a warming affect on the appearance of bar and stool seating, transforming a simple bar into one with classic elegance. Custom brass railing now has a wonderful selection of fittings to choose from, making it easy to create an attractive atmosphere for your patrons. Even though brass railing can be polished to a beautiful shine, some prefer to let the metal tarnish for a more antique-like finish.

Brass floor flanges can be used to bring the railing up directly from the floor, using a curved elbow attachment to redirect the rod so that it runs parallel to the floor. For additional support, most custom railing companies will place brass brackets every three to four feet to ensure that the connection is securely attached to the wall or bar base. Because brass does not rust, wet shoes will not ruin this railing.

For a more decorative approach, consider attaching decorative brackets to the base of the bar, and finish each end with a decorative end cap. Repeat this on all sides to create a continuous look. Brass foot railings should generally be one foot from the floor, or approximately three feet below the countertop, depending on the specific dimensions of the bar in question.

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