Brass Handrail Brackets

Written by Steven Alexander
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During the hardware selection process, decide upon what type of materials you would like to see supporting your handrail system. Due to the versatility of brass and all of the finish options available, your handrail will be easily complemented by the look of this fine metal, regardless of the handrail material itself. Handrail brackets composed of solid brass are timeless, adding a simple sophistication that you are bound to enjoy.

Solid vs. Plated Brass

If you are looking to create railing with an older, more antique appeal, brass brackets with a darkened color will complete the look. Consider selecting steel brackets with brass plating for more strength, unless you are fortunate enough to locate genuine antique brackets to support your railing system. Don't forget that many brackets can easily attach directly to the wall, and require little additional support. If you are installing a heavy metal railing, consider installing anchors to add additional support your bracket connections.

Most contemporary brackets are finished wish a glossy lacquer, and are therefore available in a large selection of finish colors. Modern brackets generally make a simpler statement than most decorative brackets. Simple thin brackets can be very strong, especially ones made of solid stainless steel.

For individuals who prefer rail brackets that stand out amongst the railing system, search for detailed, ornamental brackets. Although these brackets can run at a higher price, many people will tell you that the higher price is worth the result. Fine intricacies are beautifully displayed with solid brass detailing, allowing your bracket to truly sparkle.

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