Brass Pipe Fittings

Written by Steven Alexander
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Solid brass is one of the most admired materials available for tube fittings, due to its classic beauty and traditional strength. Although brass is a bit softer than steel, it is still extremely durable and well respected in the hardware world as one of the finer luxury materials. Additionally, solid brass will never rust, making it a good investment for projects that are guaranteed to last.

The Beauty of Solid Brass

Besides its structural capabilities, solid brass is one of the most attractive materials available on the market today. This metal can be finished with a variety of colors and polished to a lustrous shine. Many people prefer aged brass to the newer high shine variety, and as a result, a number of hardware companies offer darker finishes to match the color obtained through the natural oxidation process. Whichever finish you prefer, the beauty of your fittings will easily match their usefulness.

You can find all of you pipe fitting needs available in solid brass, enabling you to find a perfect match to your existing brass pipes. Angled elbow joints are available in a variety of angled degrees, which gives you the chance to customize your railing and take it around corners wherever necessary. Flush curved elbow joints will give you a flush base to support the structure of your railing, allowing you to select from a large assortment of connection options.

Additionally, brass wall flanges act as a perfect attachment, allowing you to connect a flush attachment such as curved or angled elbow joint. These connection fittings make it possible to customize your pipes, sending them in a variety of directions as needed. Brass end caps provide the perfect finishing touch to your brass pipes, smoothing out raw edges for a more put-together look.

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