Brass Products

Written by Steven Alexander
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The popularity of brass has withstood the test of time, possibly gaining esteem as one of the finest hardware metals as time goes on. Most brass is available in both plated and solid renditions, making it easy to find a large variety of prices and styles. As a result of the advanced quality of brass railings and pole fixtures, this is one of the most popular materials used for hand railing projects.

The classic resilience of brass makes it complementary for most decors, giving even the simplest rooms a timeless quality. Solid brass offers the best value in hardware, and will never rust. Because brass tends to oxidize and darken as time passes, you will want to keep your handrails polished and clean for a bright and bold effect. Feel free to customize brass, choosing among a number of metal finishes or colored powder coatings to suit your needs.

Brass Railing Systems

Railing systems will require brackets, flanges, and ball fittings, allowing the railing to curve around every corner. Elegant brackets are also available to give your railings a more decorative touch, whether matching an existing aesthetic or aiding in a remodel. With a number of styles to choose from, you can be sure to create an eye-catching effect.

Even functional foot rails can have a decorative appeal. Many ornamental foot rail mounting pieces are available to add interesting detail to the simplest of structures. Styles range from regal to gothic, evoking the nostalgia of an earlier time. Whether you choose to opt for simple function or an extremely decorative conversation piece, you can find brass materials to support your railing project.

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