Brass Rails

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Beautiful brass railings can add classic décor to any stairway setting. Brass rails can be used for both functional and decorative purposes, giving stairs a sturdy feel while accenting the existing walls. Railings are useful for both stairs and balconies, keeping high-use areas safe and secure. Whether you are in need of arm and foot rails, partitions, or poles, you can find the right railing to help you customize your project.

Today, railings are available in a number of different materials and styles, allowing customers to select the look that is right for them. Additionally, railings are available in price ranges for almost any budget, allowing you to select among a variety of thickness levels and strengths. For those who are looking to combine durability with design, consider selecting a classic material like solid brass.

Brass Hardware and Handrails

Of all hardware materials available today, brass is one of the best. Because handrails are highly used, you need a material like brass that is able to withstand both wear and time. Brass can be polished to preserve its lustrous finish, or tarnished for a more antique look. With a variety of finishes to choose from, matching existing brass rail hardware with replacements is easily done.

When installing or replacing brass railing, determine whether you will also need bracket fittings, flush fittings, flanges, and end caps. These items can add a decorative touch to your railings, allowing you to choose between detailed and simple designs. Whether you want your railing to blend in or stand out, it will be easy to find a look that will suit your needs.

When selecting handrail hardware, choose between decorative end caps and curved railing mounted to the wall with a flange. Enhancing end caps can give simple brass railing a finished, esteemed look. Attractive end caps can easily be combined with simple fittings for a less ornamental, more functional look. When creating handicap access within your establishment, consider the sturdy aid of a beautiful brass railing, sure to complement any traditional décor.

Brass Partition and Glass Racks

Partitions are a popular way to give your patrons a bit of privacy, creating an intimate setting in even the busiest meeting places. Partitions can be simple or ornate, allowing you to complement your establishment's existing interior. Brass posts and rails provide a lovely frame for whatever style of partition that you may choose.

Sturdy brass posts are made to last, making this simple investment well worth the initial cost. Consider balancing the look of your partitions with mounted glass racks, giving your bar or restaurant a touch of the traditional lounge atmosphere. Thin brass railings can be hung from the ceiling to display glass stemware, making it easy for bars to display an extensive selection of wines and spirits.

For additional storage, many bars choose to mount glass racks under the bar counter, providing efficient access for busy bartenders. Pre-assembled racks are available for easy installation, making additional storage needs easily met. Most stemware rails are available in a range of sizes, making them ideal for a range of spaces.

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