Ceiling Glass Racks

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Ceiling glass racks provide restaurants and homes a stylish way to showcase stemware collections, all the while freeing up additional storage space to help adequately store other kitchen items. Glass racks are available in a variety of metal and wood options, allowing individuals to carefully select the look that is right for them. Attractive storage options can make a huge difference in both commercial and domestic kitchens, making them a good option for homeowners and restaurateurs to provide an attractive atmosphere for their guests and families to enjoy.

Ceiling Rack Installation and Availability

Many hardware distributors offer a large variety of pre-assembled glass racking systems, some even specialize in custom glass racks, allowing you to create a unique look that will match your kitchen or bar perfectly. Ceiling racks are available in a number of unique configurations. Some are based on bars that are mounted directly to the ceiling, while others are suspended by chains on hooks, allowing you to easily detach your rack for repeated cleaning.

Many modular glass racks are available in the standard two by four feet and two by six feet measurements. Many racks available in both solid brass, chrome plated brass, and stainless steel varieties. Glass racks can have four tracks or more to hold glass stemware, with many systems being able to hold over 40 glasses at a time.

Wood racks are a popular fixture in many bars, but ceiling racks made of wood can be cumbersome due to attachment needs. Another benefit of choosing metal over wood is that glasses tend to slide easier along a metallic surface. Most ceiling racks are suspended at a minimum of seven feet from the floor, optimal for effortless glass removal.

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