Composite Decks

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Composite decking materials, made of a combination of wood and plastic, are fast becoming the preferred decking material for homeowners. Wood is beautiful, but the high quality woods necessary for deck building are expensive. Wood also requires a great deal of maintenance. Sustained maintenance is necessary because without it, the wood will deteriorate rapidly.

Decks never get a break from the outdoors. They are constantly exposed to the assault of wind, rain, UV rays, snow, and ice. In addition, there is always the problem of wood-eating insects, which can turn the most sturdy-looking wooden deck into sawdust. On top of all of this abuse, normal wear and tear also takes its toll on wooden decking materials.

Why Composite over Wood Decks?

Most people these days budget their time meticulously. Very few people have the time or willingness to dedicate entire weekends of their lives performing maintenance operations on their deck. They would much rather spend that time relaxing on it, not rubbing it with sealers. For this reason, composite materials have boomed in popularity.

Composites contain real wood fibers or cellulose, along with plastic materials. These two main ingredients are combined in such a way to yield a decking material that has the appearance of wood grain, yet has much more weather resistance and requires much less maintenance. For people who don't want to give up the beauty of wood, but rather the meticulous maintenance to it, composites offer the perfect solution.

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