Custom Partitions

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Custom partitions provide peace and privacy in busy restaurant atmospheres. This is crucial for having a pleasant ambiance and allowing friends and families to share an intimate setting while enjoying a meal together. Custom made dividers are available from a number of different sources, many of which offer installation services as well as prefabricated partitions that are easy to install without professional help.

Choosing the Right Materials for Partitions

With an enormous array of partition materials to choose from, design options seem to be limitless. Elegant partitions can be simple or decorative, allowing you to match the existing décor of your business. Regardless of the style you choose, partitions can be created to accommodate your needs, making private spaces that are both inclusive and unique. The ultimate decision lies within your material choices, which will determine your overall cost in the end.

To begin determining what materials will work the best for you, consider whether you are looking for a partition that offers some visibility, or one that is opaque for added privacy. Partition screens are available in etched glass and paper, giving a feeling of intimate seclusion while still transferring light into the private space. Partitions are also available in vibrant stained glass, allowing limited visibility with a punch of color. Clear glass partitions are also available to limit sound interference while preserving an open feel.

Keep in mind that heavy partitions will require a great deal support. Hearty metals such as stainless steel and brass offer the necessary support, ensuring the safety of your patrons. Corresponding flanges and brackets will ensure that the railing poles remain secure, but may be combined with anchors for additional strength.

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