Custom Railings

Written by Krystin Spellman
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As architecture explores new opportunities, custom railings must follow suit. Handrails have graduated from simple wood spindles, and are now available in a variety of materials. Railing manufacturers have begun meeting this demand, offering unique railing options that incorporate a variety of materials. Some of the most compelling custom railings include wood, metal, and glass elements, providing an endless line of combination choices.

Railing Materials

Wood railing can accent the most beautifully curved staircases like few other things can. Thick wood beams can be steam treated and shaped into graceful arches. Wood railing is available in rich tones and handsome varieties including mahogany, cherry, walnut, pine, birch, oak, and maple to name a few. These timbers can be stained into numerous colors, creating beautiful handrails for your custom staircase.

Metal tubes made of stainless steel or brass make excellent custom bar railings. Metals rails can be combined with wood cabinetry and counters, providing a shimmering contrast to darker woods. Metal railings can be shaped into beautiful designs and welded into panels to rest below the handrail as an artistic statement.

For those of us who are attracted to the thought of multiple materials or simply can't settle on one, consider installing composite railings incorporating wood, glass, and metal. Stainless steel railing posts can be combined with a thick rich wood handrail, using glass partitions to finish the look. This type of railing has the benefit of strong tubes and fitting, combined with the warming affect of a smooth, comfortable handrail. Glass finishes the look by creating a lovely safety barrier that also adds another texture to the overall structure.

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