Deck Railings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Deck railings are one of the final steps in the process of building a deck. Deck railings are made up of several components. These include posts, bottom rails, top rails, cap rails, and spindles. These can be constructed by skilled carpenters, or purchased ready to assemble and installed by moderately skilled homeowners.

Since the railings are among the most visible parts of the deck, they offer a chance to reflect your own creativity and style. Indeed, for many homeowners, choosing the deck railings is one of the most enjoyable phases of deck construction. Railings are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, offering homeowners endless possibilities of self-expression.

Choices in Deck Railings

For example, deck railings exist in wood, plastic, steel, wood-plastic composites, and even exotic materials such as bamboo. You can choose a traditional wood rail design to give your deck a classic, rustic look. If you're more modern in your tastes, round metal rails, treated to create a patina, can give your deck a more bold and artistic look. Metal can also be painted in any color you wish.

Plastic rails are popular with cost-conscious homeowners because they tend to be less expensive than wood rails. They also require less maintenance, and can come in your choice of colors to match your home. Finally, composite deck railings, made of wood fibers interwoven with vinyl or plastic, offer the natural look of wood with the low-maintenance and weatherproof qualities of synthetic railings.

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