End Caps

Written by Steven Alexander
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An attractive end cap can make all the difference in completing the look of your new railing system. Because end caps mark the beginning and end of most railing systems, choosing fittings that get noticed will greatly enhance the overall look of your railing and its supportive structure. End caps have really changed over time, giving you access to a wide selection of styles to choose from.

End Cap Styles

Decorative end caps are now available in a large selection of styles, straying away from functional simplicity and form. End caps used to be limited to round shapes, but now can be found in squares, hexagons, you name it. Additionally, these fittings are available in just about every hardware material, allowing individuals to select materials that match their existing hardware or opt for a unique alternative.

End caps made of solid brass have been a traditional favorite due to the fine quality of the material itself. As a result of recent powder coating technology, new brass can be finished to look like copper, or even aged to look like an antique piece of hardware. Since end caps are a decorative aspect of you railing, you might seriously consider limiting your selection to solid brass, since brass plating over steel may chip over time.

Beautiful end caps can also be found in stainless steel, which is starting to match the popularity of brass due to its attractiveness and strength. Stainless steel end caps can be decorative and detailed, or simply polished to a high shine to obtain the look of chrome. Stainless steel promotes a modern look, and can be used on railing systems of all materials.

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