Floral Foam

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One of the most versatile items of florist's equipment of all time, floral foam, often called oasis, is in big demand, not only with florists but for making displays of artificial flowers too. Actually, floral foam is great for many different craft uses. It is extensively used for model making in some craft circles, since it is easily cut or sanded and has a good texture for covering with other materials. It's also very lightweight which is another advantage.

Not many people realize that floral foam comes in different densities to suit different kinds of flowers and different kinds of arrangements. Any type of floral foam is easy to use because it cuts easily with a knife to any shape you care to have. You can save a lot of money by making your own oasis from spray foam. Once you have the gun you make your supply of oasis whenever you need it. Simple oasis is not sufficient for all floral displays, however.

Spray Foam and Larger Arrangements

With larger arrangements of fake trees that are so popular today, floral foam is not entirely adequate. Something that is a little more stable is required so your display won't be top heavy. Spray in place packaging foam could be the answer. Again, if you have your own foam gun this will be very simple.

Weighting the bottom of the container with stones or similar and then spraying foam on top would be ideal. Because the spray foam sets firmly in place around the display, it will provide the extra stability required. Then the foam can be dressed to look like earth, or given a layer of moss or whatever look you desire.

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