Foam Guns

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Foam guns can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From the tiny ones used for craft and domestic purposes, up to the huge industrial ones used for construction and the like that deliver 40 lbs and up of foam per minute, you can find one to exactly suit your domestic or commercial requirements. Foam guns work by mixing the two components of spray foam from separate drums so that ready-mixed foam comes out of the nozzle, where the product expands anything up to 200 times the volume, depending on the type of foam being sprayed. The foam can only be produced with the gun if the liquid in the tanks is the right temperature: this is generally around 75°F to 85°F. If it's not warm enough, you won't get spray foam.

A single layer, or application, of foam from a spray gun can be as thin as 1 inch or much thicker. A foam gun can be used for all different types of spray foam; you choose what you need. Using a foam gun is a fairly straightforward affair. There are, however, a few points that will help a first time user get good results straight away.

Getting the Pressure Right

The harder you pull back on the trigger, the faster the foam will be dispensed. With some foam guns, pulling the trigger back all the way will cause the foam to come out too quickly, before it is fully mixed. This will lead to "flat" foam, so it's worth experimenting for best results. Experts maintain that pulling the trigger back no more than a quarter of the way will give the best control and the best results.

It is also possible that the gun will get dirty or one of the hoses from the drums could become blocked. It is actually sure to happen if you stop spraying for 45 seconds, because the foam will cure inside the spray nozzle. Always having extra nozzles on hand for your foam gun will avert disaster as they can be changed in a snap. This will obviously affect the resulting foam. It is essential that the person operating the foam gun recognizes all the things that could possible go wrong so he or she is not pumping sub-standard foam.

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