Food Display Cases

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Attractive food displays allow you to create an appetizing atmosphere within your dining establishment. While food displays carry various technical specifications, it is still important to consider the general appearance of the structure itself. All food displays should contain refrigeration or a heating system, representing the mechanical base of your unit. Next, food displays need adequate sneeze guards to protect the health of your clientele. The hardware designed for your food display case should match the material used to connect your food shields to create a unified effect.

Functionally Attractive Food Display

While sneeze guards protect the food for your customers to enjoy, they can also act as an attractive design element for the structure itself. Sneeze guard partitions are available in both clear glass and ornamental frosted glass. These partitions can be easily enhanced with a border-like design, creating a more interesting look.

Many hospitality distributors specialize in creating unique food display units, using decorative hardware elements to match the overall décor of an eating establishment. Some of these businesses focus on getting the owner involved in the design process, helping to create a custom food display that is truly unique and complementary of the overall ambiance. Thus, hardware for food display cases is available in a wide array of materials including the popular brass and stainless steel favorites.

Stainless steel is a popular material for food storage because it cleans up quickly and easily. For those that are looking for a gold tone to accent their buffet or salad bar, brass provides a beautiful alternative to the silvery look of steel. These materials correspond with most structural materials nicely, allowing you to effectively accent both wood and tile construction.

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