Glass Rack Bars

Written by Steven Alexander
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Glass rack bars provide an easy slide mechanism for glass rack units. Metal bars can be combined with both metal and wood bases, giving people a large variety of glass rack systems to choose from. These metal bars are available in a number of finishes, but limiting your selection to high quality metals will give you the best return on your investment in the long run. Glass rack bars can be directly installed to the underside of a countertop, or added to a suspended ceiling operation for a more visible storage solution.

Pre-assembled Glass Racks

For those who want the pride of a do-it-yourself job, consider selecting a pre-assembled glass rack. Because many hardware distributors offer a large variety of racks to choose from, you will have no problem creating a custom look for your stemware storage needs. Hanging ceiling racks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be directly mounted to the ceiling with a flange, or connected to anchored hooks for easy removal on chore day.

Most modular racks are built in two by four foot dimensions, but many glass rack manufacturers can custom build a racking system, employing as many glass rack bars as you require. The best rack bars are made of stainless steel or brass plated steel for their beautiful qualities and ease of use. Many glass racks use four sets of glass rack bars, but others can be created to hold even more stemware for professional use, with some systems having the ability to store over 40 glasses at a single time.

Metal glass rack bars can be attached to wood structures, allowing the beauty of wood to frame the entire rack system. That said, many restaurant owners still prefer racks made entirely of metal since they are inexpensive, functional, and match most design schemes. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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