Glass Racks

Written by Steven Alexander
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For those of us who want to store our glass stemware while preserving ease of access, glass racks provide an attractive alternative to shelving. Glass racks can be easily mounted to a ceiling or other level surface, allowing the glasses to hang gracefully while remaining dust-free. In the interest of storage, many bar owners also mount additional glass racks under countertops, allowing their bar staff easy access to glassware during hectic business hours.

Pre-assembled Racks

Many railing installation companies also offer pre-assembled glass racks, making it easy to add additional glass storage almost anywhere. Pre-assembled glass racks can be easily installed by mounting them to either ceilings or walls depending on the style of rack and your own personal preference. Most glass racks are available in both wood and metal varieties, but many bar owners prefer to opt for a more traditional brass rack fixture.

Most stemware rods are available in a variety of sizes ranging anywhere from 10 to 18 ½ inches in length, making them perfect for almost any space. Simple stemware rods are generally available as fully assembled units, making them very easy to install. Many stemware rods are mounted onto flat bars, allowing them to require little extra hardware, making a sturdy attachment easy to obtain.

Ceiling mounted glass racks provide an affordable and attractive alternative to simple shelves, allowing more storage space for other objects. Brass glass racks give bars and restaurants a more elegant appeal, allowing proprietors to showcase an establishment in a more professional manner. Whichever type of glass rack you choose, you need to be able to count on its durability and aesthetic appeal.

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