Glass Railings

Written by Steven Alexander
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Glass railings offer clean lines in addition to an unobstructed view, making this the optimal choice for businesses or homes that want to showcase their surroundings. These railings are also advantageous for outdoor decks, allowing the natural scenic beauty to show through. Glass railing systems are relatively new compared to some of the more traditional railing designs, but can be combined with traditional materials for a more customized, unique look.

Decorative Opportunities

Glass railing systems are both decorative and extremely practical. The versatility of glass allows the railing system to also include brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or bronze handrails and end caps. In most cases, laminated or tempered glass is used for its availability and low cost. Glass may be clear or contain an infused design, allowing you to choose among a variety of attractive options.

For projects intended to contain a consistent design, consider including railing components that work in combination with each other. Most glass railing systems are designed to be location specific, but all components are built to fit together like puzzle pieces. This creates a smooth, unified effect, and decorative components such as brass tubing, fittings, and other accessories will help complete the look.

Glass railing can be ideal for businesses or homes with children present, because unlike other railing choices, glass railing does not offer much room to squeeze between. In order to get the best return on your glass railing investment, be sure to select materials that are cost effective and long lasting. Although choosing the right railing system involves a laundry list of details, the wrong system or supplier could lead to legal problems and liability lawsuits.

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