Hanging Glass Racks

Written by Steven Alexander
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Glass racking systems are popular storage solutions for businesses and homes alike. They help promote a neat and clutter-free atmosphere by keeping glassware off of countertops without sacrificing accessibility. Hanging glass rack systems can be mounted to any ceiling or upper edifice. For the sake of storage, many bars and restaurants mount glass racks under their countertops; this keeps glasses easily within reach while remaining out of the way.

Pre-assembled Glass Racks

Most rack and railing installation companies pride themselves on offering an array of pre-assembled glass racks, facilitating stylish glass storage almost anywhere. These pre-assembled hanging glass racks are easily installed without professional help, and can be mounted to ceilings with very little effort. Most hanging glass racks are offered in many different varieties. For those who wish to maintain a traditional look, brass hanging racks are a popular choice, allowing restaurant owners to match the glass rack system to their existing railing.

Stemware rods and railing systems are available in any custom size requirement imaginable, making them suitable for almost any space. Most stemware rods are available fully assembled, making them a snap to install. Stemware rods are typically mounted to flat bars for maximum support, requiring less additional hardware without compromising a secure connection.

Other pre-assembled hanging glass racks will incorporate poles and ceiling flanges, allowing larger racks to stay securely fastened from above. Anchors can help support the weight if you are working from a surface that is not very supported, but thin ceilings are best left alone. In those instances, consider attaching a rack to the bar structure itself if possible, or settle for a below-the-counter set up.

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