High Density Foam

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Foam comes in an almost infinite range of densities. In general, the higher the density, the better quality foam is, and the better you can expect it to perform. High density foam is what you should be looking for where performance counts.

Foam is an energy absorbing material. High density foam absorbs more energy than its low density cousin. You can find both rigid and soft types of high and low density foam. With high density rigid foam, however, you can expect a higher degree of structural support.

Versatility of High Density Foam

High density foam is very versatile and because of its properties, such as being ultra light-weight, a highly effective insulator and cheap to produce, it is used throughout the industrial and commercial worlds. High density foam is also used for many applications inside the home. Even your walls might be made of foam.

The packaging industry makes extensive use of spray in place foam and foam filled bags for custom packing of all types. The marine industry is another great fan of foam. Because it has tremendous buoyancy it is perfect for flotation enhancement for boats of all kinds, and can even improve the strength of the hull. Since it is advantageous to keep the weight of a marine craft as light as possible, foam is used for a variety of purposes because of its high strength to weight ratio.

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