Home Energy Saving Tips

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Home energy saving tips basically fall into two categories: those you can act on without doing anything special, buying anything or investing any money, and those that will require a little effort and maybe some money on your part. Let's begin with the easy little things that anyone can do to make a significant saving in electricity and heating. These are the type of tips that, if you embrace them diligently, can make surprisingly big returns on effort, in terms of lower bills.

Let's take turning off lights and heaters when we leave a room. This is so simple that many people think it can't be that effective. You just try enforcing a rule that no light is left burning if no one is in the room for three months and see what a difference it makes to your electricity bill. Next, tackle the issue of appliances left switched on unnecessarily. For example, don't leave the coffee maker switched on if no one wants to drink coffee. If you're in the next room cooking or working on your laptop, switch off the TV.

Updating Appliances

If you have a refrigerator that has a leaky seal, it could be costing you a lot more to run than necessary. Replacing the seal could be all that's needed. On the other hand, newer models of all electrical appliances use considerably less electricity than older models. This brings us to category two of our energy saving tips. If your energy bills are steep, it may be well worth your while to replace old, inefficient appliances with those that benefit from more advanced energy saving technology.

To keep heating bills down, and to save on air conditioning expenses during the summer, there is one highly effective step you can take. Insulating your home with spray foam can save you a whopping 58 percent on your energy bills, according to the result of monitoring of a California school that was insulated recently. That kind of savings means that you could recoup the expense of insulation in a very short time. By next year you could be into pure savings!

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