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Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're in any doubt as to exactly how much benefit you can expect from home insulation products, all you need do is read the following information about spray foam insulation. One of the most effective home insulation products of all time, spray foam is light and easy to apply, yet extremely effective at keeping a living space cool in summer and warm in winter. Estimates put the saving in terms of energy at as much as 58 percent.

While there are many different makes and qualities of spray foam, they will all do a good job of insulation providing they're applied properly. This means that the person who operates the gun should be experienced and should know what to look for in case there are any problems. A dirty or clogged gun can seriously affect the quality of foam, and thus the insulation properties.

Checking the Progress of Your Insulation Fill

Applying spray foam as a cavity wall insulation material can be particularly tricky. While it's necessary to apply foam to the entire inside of the wall, if too much foam is inserted it can cause problems. When using spray foam as insulation it is possible to use infra red scanning to check the progress of the fill. Of course, prefabricated panels containing insulating foam can be bought for home use if spraying foam sounds like too much mess for you.

While there are many other home insulating products apart from spray foam, none quite match foam as far as effective and convenience. You may wonder if you will need to remove existing alternative methods of insulation if you decide to enhance your insulation preparations with spray foam. Generally, the answer is no. Just be sure that you're not laying foam or anything else that is vapor retarding over a layer of insulation that has absorbed moisture.

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