Liquid Foam

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Liquid foam is produced where gas is passed through a particular liquid chemical substance. There are different types of liquid foam, but one of the most versatile is polyurethane foam. Each different type of liquid foam comes in a range of different qualities. High density foam is always preferable. It is higher quality and provides more of the shock absorbing, or insulation qualities that it is so popular for.

Although we're used to thinking of foam as something that you buy ready made in sheets or blocks, it's actually highly practical to buy the liquid foam ready for processing into whatever you want to use it for. People buy liquid foam for a variety of different uses. It's a particularly popular insulating material, very useful to the marine and construction trades.

Liquid Foam and Packaging

In addition, commerce and industry make extensive use of liquid foam as a packaging material. There is increasing demand for a custom packaging material to keep highly sensitive items such as electrical goods, glass, china, exclusive antiques and more, safe while they're in transit. The packaging solution needs to be cheap, yet highly effective. When you're talking about valuable merchandise, failure of packaging can cost a great deal of money.

Liquid foam provides the ideal solution. Not only can packaging be arranged to fit the item, but the spray foam gun can also be used as a void filler to stop crates from shifting around during transit. Aside from liquid foam, you can also get foam filled bags that can be made up on your premises for a mess-free alternative to your packaging problems.

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