Nexwood Decking

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Nexwood decking is a composite decking made from a mixture of cellulose and plastic materials. This decking is advertised as having the look, smell and feel of wood, though it actually contains no wood. What does give it these wood-like characteristics is the cellulose content. Cellulose is a material found in wood and other plant materials, providing stiffness as well as a "woody" look and texture to this decking.

Nexwood's motto is "build it and forget it." That pretty much sums up the goal of this composite decking product, which is to deliver comfort and durability while requiring as little maintenance as possible. A complex extrusion process blends the plastic and cellulose contents into a seamless and durable material that resists moisture, warping, cracking, peeling, and splintering. It is also completely termite resistant.

More Background on Nexwood Decking
One nice bonus about many composites is their environmentally friendly nature. Nexwood decking is no exception. Its manufacturer says it is made from 98 percent recycled products. These are products that otherwise would have been dumped in a landfill or released into the atmosphere. Moreover, Nexwood claims to be 100 percent recyclable, so old-growth trees need ever be cut down for the manufacture of Nexwood products.

Nexwood's strong recycling ethic is welcome news to conscientious consumers. What really sells Nexwood to homeowners, though, is its low level of maintenance. The manufacturer claims that, other than periodic cleaning for cosmetic reasons, no special treatment need ever be performed on Nexwood decking. To back up this claim, Nexwood decking comes with an impressive 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

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