Polyurethane Foam Equipment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Basically, there are two different types of polyurethane foam equipment. If you want to spray the foam in place, you will need a special gun. Once hooked up to the two separate containers that contain the chemicals for polyurethane foam, you can make foam on demand wherever and whenever you need it.

This equipment makes producing foam for a wide variety of applications a snap. Whether you have in mind spray in place packaging or insulation for any project, this is the ideal way to do it. There is a knack to using a foam gun. It is best to keep spraying once you start. Don't plan on stopping too often. If you stop spraying for longer than 45 seconds, the foam will cure inside the nozzle and you'll have to change it. Also remember not to pull back on the trigger all the way. Pulling it back only a quarter of the way will give you the best quality foam.

Which Machinery Do You Need?

For some packaging situations, spray in place foam is not suitable. If this is the case with your company but you still want the excellent protection properties of polyurethane foam, then you might want to consider a foam in a bag machine. This equipment allows you to choose the dimensions of your foam in a bag. What's more, you can decide how much foam you want in each bag too. The system is fully customizable and is perfect for even the most demanding packaging requirements.

Although polyurethane foam machinery is quite expensive as an initial investment, it is cheap to run. Polyurethane foam is inexpensive. When it is used for insulation it is so effective that the savings on energy expenditure will quickly recoup the cost of the machinery for you. With polyurethane packaging, great savings can be enjoyed because of the dramatic drop in damage to merchandise in transit.

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