Product Protection

Written by Patricia Skinner
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High on the list of priorities for many companies is the issue of product protection. Every year, many billions of dollars worth of valuable merchandise is rendered useless due to damage in transit. This is a blow to any company. For some it can have serious consequences. It can even adversely impact a customer's opinion of a given company if their goods are delivered damaged, no matter that the company offers to replace them.

The best solution by far is to find some way of protecting products so that they are not damaged during shipping. This is a lot easier said than done and many companies try several different types of packaging in their search for a way to reduce their losses. The new foams often attract attention for their special properties.

Polyurethane Foam for Product Protection

Among the best packaging materials of all time has to be polyurethane foam. It is highly protective because it has a great capacity to absorb the shocks that are routinely sustained during transit. It is extremely versatile so it can produce truly custom packaging solutions for any goods you need to ship, no matter how big or how sensitive.

There are two ways of achieving complete product protection with polyurethane foam. Either you can use a spray in place system, or a foam in a bag system. The former is most versatile and probably quickest. However, some companies prefer foam in a bag because there is no mess. You simply decide how big you want your packaging bags (can be a different size every time if you want), and fill them with foam.

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