Railing Posts

Written by Steven Alexander
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Beautiful railing posts can add interest to your railing, creating an attractive structure while providing the necessary support for your handrails. Railing posts are typically installed with a floor flange, and provide the base for the overall railing structure. Railing posts are available in every material imaginable, allowing you to select similar materials for the entire railing system, or simply mix and match for a more interesting look.

Popular Material Choices for Railing Posts

Brass railing posts are a popular choice because of their beautiful color and longevity. Brass is available in a number of finish colors, allowing you to match existing hardware fixtures or select an altogether different look. When selecting brass railing posts, be sure to select brass with a durable lacquer, ensuring that your brass stays beautiful. The oils from hands can cause raw brass to discolor quickly and unevenly, making lacquered brass handrails a must.

For those who want easily maintainable railing poles, consider selecting ones made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is far stronger than regular steel, and can be polished to a chrome-like finish. The beautiful silvery color of stainless steel makes it a very versatile material, allowing it to be combined with other railing materials for an interesting affect.

In fact, railings made of a variety of materials have gained popularity in recent years. As a result, railing posts of any material can be easily combined with another handrail material without seeming out of place. Wood handrails look wonderful with stainless steel and brass railing poles, allowing the diverse combination of materials to complement one another. Railing poles can be spaced close together for safety's sake or spaced wide apart for a less intrusive look.

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