Sneeze Guards

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Sneeze guards are an excellent way to protect food from unwanted germs, creating an inviting eating experience for your customers. Sneeze guards are occasionally referred to as food shields or barriers, usually consisting of glass or plastic to allow patrons to view the food selections. Sneeze guards are placed in front of and above the displayed food in an effort to intercept waste and avoid potential food contamination.

Safe Food Display

Adequately adhering to health department standards is extremely important. Many forget that in addition to preserving the health and well being of your customers, sneeze guards can create an attractive display case for your buffet or salad bar. Custom-built sneeze guards and food display casing can be as decorative as it is functional, allowing each unique design to be tailored to your specific food service needs. Many hospitality fixture distributors have numerous design and finish options to choose from, allowing restaurants and hotels to take an active part in designing their own buffet cases.

While some distributors specialize in offering wood-supported sneeze guards, many restaurant owners have discovered that they prefer the durability and beauty of solid brass. Most hospitality distributors have recognized that presentation is everything, and have begun providing fixtures made of solid brass to meet the increasing demand. Brass is an ideal material for food display cases because it avoids both rust and erosion, retaining its beauty for decades.

Attractive food displays have the ability to add perceived value to your establishment, enticing customers with a variety of menu options. No matter what type of sneeze guard or food display layout you choose, you can be sure to find long lasting materials to suit the needs of your business. With a wide selection of plating and finishing options to choose from, matching your existing décor has been made easy.

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